It is well known fact that first impressions last - that is why you would want professionally captured photos that highlight your brands quality, professionalism and distinction.
Mirchev Photography can work closely with you to identify the message your brand wants to convey through images that “Stand Out” for affective and also, effective message delivery.


Pricing commercial photography is slightly different. The value usually is determined on basis of how the work, created by the photographer, will be used. There are four major points that goes into quoting commercial photography.

1.  Uniqueness – Every client’s project is unique and comes with specific requirements, which on its own will require extra resources and time to achieve the final result of the initial brief.

2.  Licensing – or BUR (Basic Usage Rate): The license is an agreement between the photographer and the client for the usage rights that have been granted to the client to use the image in a commercial way. For more information please check FAQ below.

3. Creative fee – Creative fee is what I would charge for my time invested in creating the product for the client. This can be one day, half day or sometimes can be a project that spans over several days.

4. Production cost – Production charges cover the cost incurred by me, the photographer, for organizing and supplying everything needed for executing the production of the images I was hired to create. For example this include – studio/equipment hire, smoke machine, assistants etc. As I mentioned in point one, every project is different and requires less or more resources to meet the client requirements.

To receive a tailored to your specific needs quote, please contact me so we can go through all the details covering your project.

Commercial Photography details.

  • Commercial photography coverage in the UK and worldwide – London based.
  • Flexible Licensing – Usage terms for small businesses – please check FAQ.
  • Creative and unique approach to lighting and composition.
  • Professional quality of photography to fulfil the project requirements.
  • Creative and unique look achieved using complex lighting setup.
Helpful links with information related to Licensing and Usage:

Nikolay is a London based professional photographer who specializes in delivering high quality photography products such as Commercial Photography. He is able to achieve a very creative and stunning photography look do to the complex and creative lighting setups he uses. Please visit FAQ page, and in case you haven’t find answer to some questions you have in mind please do not hesitate to get in touch.