Creative self portrait using single exposure and second curtain shutter.

My name is Nikolay Mirchev and I’m a London based photographer with distinctive visual style.

Bit about my personal story: as a child I was always drawn to arts, poetry and drawing, and as a young man, in 2003 I decided to move to London. 
In 2005 I spent some time in a hospital while recovering after an operation. Then one day my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) came to visit and asked me “if I wanted her to purchase some magazines for me to read?” She then has brought back “a Digital Photography” magazine.

Who would have known that such a coincidence would lead me on an exciting journey to become “A Professional Photographer” in London

Throughout the years, I have further gained new skills and completed various advanced courses in the areas of photography, image editing, CGI and VFX to be able to provide exceptional results for my clients. As a photographer and an artist, I believe that if you are a passionate person, then, there is no challenge which you can not overcome.  This is why I believe that my style of photography is for everyone!

I encourage you to browse through my website to learn more about various services I am able to provide, and also, browse through the sample images I presented for your viewing pleasure.  

For all your photography and image editing requirements, do not hesitate contact me so that we can discuss your specific requirements more in detail. I can be reached via:
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Phone: 07737911812
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon