Event photography – anniversary party of a law firm.

In early March, of this year, I was contacted by the secretary of the Brentwood, Essex, located company – Pure Law, requesting a London based event photographer to cover their anniversary party at the Langham hotel.

Being a London based photographer comes with many advantages, and one of them is visiting places and seeing people that normally you wouldn’t see. In this case I had the good fortune of visiting and working on the premises of one of the most prestigious hotels in London – the Langham hotel.

As every photography project and this one came with it’s own challenges, which by the way makes up for a good story to be told.

Pure Law staff group shot at their party in the Langham hotel London

Challenges photographing the event:

Few hours before the event starting time, in the evening, I was preparing my gear and wondering what sort of obstacles I may have to overcome photographing at such late hours and on the specific location (as I never visited the location before).

Previously I asked for the company’s secretary to send me the exact schedule of the vent, and because of this I knew that the group was planning to meetup at the bar and have cocktails before proceeding further to the main event/dinner room. So based on this I decided to take my Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM as a back up lens, along with my default option (when photographing events) Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM Lens.

Because of my experience as professional photographer, I was able to  predict that the area of the bar may be dark and they may not allow me use my flash (because of other guests being there) – for which, latter, it turned out I was right. The combination between the latest hour and the dimmed lights, made the use of my Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM Lens impossible. Even when I attached my faster, prime, lens I needed to shoot with shutter speed as slow as 1/25 and an ISO 6400 in order to get close to decent exposure. 

The next challenge for the evening was of a completely new nature for me – the whole group of twenty people company staff was going to spend the next two hours sitting around table, having dinner drinks and fun, still sitting around the table. Usually most of the events I photographed in the past were dynamic with lots of movements, people holding speeches or presenting work. However, this time I needed to deal with very static event.

You may ask:

“But what is so different to you as an event photographer?”

Well, the more dynamic the event is the greater are the opportunity for the photographer, covering the event, to capture good and memorable moments. As in this case, if it wasn’t for my experience and drive for capturing great quality photography – perhaps, another photographer on my place was going to struggle greatly.

In situation like this, our abilities and qualities as professional photographers are put on a test. To adapt quick, to the specifics of the location and the event, keep a sharp eye on for anything interesting happening and capturing technically excellent photographs, were the key qualities that helped me turn this job in another successfully photographed event.

But the most important part of the event was the presences of such great characters, which is probably the most important aspect of capturing successful scene and images rich on content. The worst key scenario is to photograph people who hates you, because they don’t like to be photographed – it’s hard as it happened once with me, while photographing a wedding.


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