You can book event photography London right here. We offer a professional event photography services based in London.

Take a look at what we can do by viewing our event photography portfolio above.

As you can see, we offer a high quality service used by high profile businesses and professionals.

We are located at an easy accessible location in London at 43 Cromwell Road.

We offer a great one to one service to ensure you get the images you need.


I am one of the leading photographers in the area and will document any event using the highest quality equipment to ensure the perfect photos.

I will do everything possible to showcase your even in the best possible way.

My main focus is to capture every special moment of the event.

The event will be documented in the very best way possible to ensure you get the best advertising material possible.

There is no other London event photography company that offers the person touch like ours.

You will speak to me on the phone, and deal with me at the event.

I will be there for your function, party or any other special occasion no matter how big or small it is.

If you have an upcoming corporate event I can be there for you to document the whole day.

I am a specialist in event photography and can work with:


  • Company Events
  • Personal Events
  • Celebrity Events


After the event I will deliver your high resolution images to you via email or any other form you need.

So if you need a highly rated event photographer located in London that goes that extra mile delivering that special personal touch get in contact with me today.


Event Photography London – FAQ’s


How do I get the images after the event?

We will send you the images from the event by email or can send to DropBox for you to download.

Will you cover any event in London?

Yes, we will cover any event based in London. If you are unsure please give me a call, I am happy to talk any time.


What kind of events do you cover?

We cover all events including personal events right through to huge corporate and celebrity events based in the London area of course.


So why should I choose you?

I add the personal touch, which you do not get when you hire a large photography corporation in London.

I will be there every step of the way to ensure you get the images you are looking for.

If you choose a big company those little details that really matter can get lost in translation from secretaries through to the photographers.

When you hire me, you deal with me the whole step of the way, nothing will be missed.

Why Choose me For Your Next Event


  1. I have over 10 years experience in event photography.
  2. You get the personal touch you just don’t get when you hire a huge London based photography company.
  3. You get a full professional experience from start to finish focusing on those little details to ensure you get the perfect images.
  4. My product photography is second to none, nothing comes close and I know what is required to get the perfect shot for advertising corporate material.
  5. My images are the very best in the business using only the most up to date software and hardware available.
  6. I am based in an accessible location in London and can be at any event in the area quickly and at short notice if required.
  7. I also offer full re-touching services after the event to ensure everything is as it should be.
  8. After the event I go ahead and prepare your images right way, there is no waiting time which will occur with large companies covering many events on the same day.
  9. Large London event companies can’t compete with my personal touch. I work to my own strict guidelines to ensure the highest possible outcome.
  10. Each and every event is different, I work up close with customers to produce what you are looking for.


To book me as your next event photographer London click here or give me a call on 07737911812.